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Thanks a lot for your excellent service.
Roberto R. Torres
32A 25B-75 Appt 701. T3
Bogota, Columbia.

I feel happy and comfortable after the treatment and very satisfied. The treatment was good and the clinic is clean and everybody is kind and helpful.
Ismail Al Riyami
P.O. Box 342, P. C. 614
Izki, Oman

As Westerners, it's sometimes hard to find a good place in India for health treatment, but here, we definitely felt comfortable about making a dental implant. The result was very good. So we're very happy about your job, and will from now recommend your place to our friends living in and coming to New Delhi.
Cornette Caroline
64 Bis Me de la Tulloye,
Nantes, France

It was a pleasure to get treatment at Smilekraft dental hospital for various elements, including Root canal, replacement of fillings, crowns and implants and other uncommon problems of my teeth. The results were more than satisfactory compared to my previous experiences with other dentists in India and the US. The service was with smile and excellence.
Mrs. Radha Mundra
285 West Ceder st
Norwalk – CT- USA. O6854. Mundra55@yahoo.com

Dr. Sidharth is without question the best Periodontist. I am fortunate that I am the beneficiary of Dr. Sidharth's excellent treatment of my complex dental problems.
I came to his office with gums that were receding and badly damaged, and he had only 1 week to sort out my problems. He gave up his time to ensure that the work was completed to my satisfaction. Before I went to see Dr. Sidharth I was absolutely petrified, but he put my mind at rest, He is very genuine and explains everything very well.
The quality service, professionalism, and friendliness of his colleagues made every visit a pleasure.
They addressed all of my concerns and made the experience as comfortable as possible.
Simply put he made my gum look and feel like new again!
I know my work is not yet completed but I am in great hands, you confidence, honesty has made it a pleasure being your patient.
If it was not for Dr. Sidharth and his colleagues - I would be putting my smile in a glass at night! I wish Dr Sidharth and his merry men life's very best!
Thank you once again for all that you have done and look forward to meeting you soon.
Valerie Croning, Australia

I am very happy for having Smilekraft as part of my dental solutions. The doctors here are very professional and friendly.
Ruth Pakpahan
Jakasampurna-Bekasi Babat

I’m very glad to give you my thanks for the act you have done for me in my dental treatment. Now, I’m in good health. I wish you happiness and success in your clinic. Thanks!
Irakoze Aline
Q. Kamenge, Mirangoi.
Bujumbura, Burundi

I liked so much to know all of you and I am very happy with your work and with me now, because now I’ve got a nice smiling face. Thank You!
Nelson Antonio James
October Street, Luanda, Angola

Fe suis tres satisfaite du service propose par la Clinique. Merci pour. L’ excellence et l’ accueil. F’ ai ete tres heureuse de vous ren contrer. Merci!!
Valerie Nongana
Burkina Faso

I really appreciated the kind and nice service offered to me by the Doctors. I know I owe more than what they have done to meet my request. I pray that the staff and management will grow to unexpected levels in the future. Thanks a lot Smilekraft and God Bless You!!
Volivoli Kiristina Vameau
C/o PM’s Office, Govt. Buildings,
Suva, Fiji Isles

I am very appreciative for your kind and good service in your clinic and all the help you do for your patients. Also, when my aunt had surgery and she needed blood, one of your doctors called me to offer help, and I will never forget that.
Suhail Abdul Kabir
Balmoral St., Burnaby B.C. Canada

I am so happy to receive your treatment. I was worried about my teeth which became so bad. Now, I congratulate you for your help and for warm welcome. May you do more good work and succeed in your practice.
Nguie Justine
92, Rue du Marche,
Brazzaville, Congo

Dear Ruchir and my Special Dentist Siddhartha,
I would like to share with you all the compliments I had from my family, my friends and my colleagues. I have never been treated so well by dentists anywhere in the world ever before. Sure next time I come to India it will be a pleasure to visit you all. I have such good memories of all the time I spent with you.
Thank you again to all of you
Best regards.
Danièle Hascoet de Gennaro
Rue de Toloueville,
Paris-75017, France.

For VRO I would like to propose our donors to use the services of Indian experts in cosmetic dental work. Of course absolute reliability and professionalism provided by the Baldava drs is of utmost importance. That is exactly what they delivered.
Theo Vaes
President of VRO India
Antwerp Business Center, Belgium

I wanted to tell you that you are the best doctor I have ever met. The way how you communicate with patients helped me to understand that you must be a very kind and careful person. I am really happy and will always pray for you and wish you be happy and healthy. I believe you will do lots of good work in future, treat lots of people and make them happy. Thank you so much!

With the endless respect and gratefulness,
Zamira Kasimova
Universitetskaya St.,
Andijan, Uzbekistan.

I think it is good and clean and the dealing of the patients by the doctors is very good.
Ibtisam Jasim Mohammad
812M, 5th St., 2nd Building,
Baghdad, Iraq

I’m very happy to find this clinic because in my country I haven’t found this kind of treatment. The doctors here are very friendly and the service is excellent.
Luisa Maria Remigio
Av. Eduando, Mondlane NE 123/127
Maputo, Mozambique

My girfriend and I are traveling in Asia for two years now. We've been seeing various dentists in cities like Chiang Mai, Hanoi, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City or Kolkata. And we're really happy with the services you provided in the Smilekraft clinic. The place was extremely clean, and the people were friendly as well as very professional.
Nguyen Thibaut
28, Cours de la Bove,
Lorient, France

Thank you so much for everything.
Muhand Salim
Baghdad, Iraq.

I am very happy with my smile now. Thank You!
Al-Alam, Baghdad, Iraq

Thanks a lot for all the wonderful treatment!!
Mushfiki Str 79, App 29
T.I.K. Dushaube, Tajikhistan

Everyone liked my new smile. And even my friends here liked it. Thanks to you all. Thanks a ton once again,

More so, it’s the best service I’ve had.
Clement Aitusi
6, Ikponmwose Avenue,
Benin, Nigeria

I am Miguel and I come from Africoi in Angola. I am now very happy with my oral health and I congratulate Smilekraft because now I am smiling well. Thank you Smilekraft! Muito obrigondo Smilekraft estou rindo muito!
Miguel Jose Antoni

I find very good doctors here who proceed very well in treating patients. The equipment is OK and also the knowhow. All my thanks to you.
Havyarimana Tharcisse
Adviser (I/C-Admin) in Govt. Gen. Sec. Bujunbura—Burundi

I have had the pleasure of having a tooth extracted by Smile Kraft's team! - I have to say that the only pleasant thing about this experience was that I met an excellent team of doctors who made sure that I got the best, least painful treatment given my time constraints. I greatly valued their proactive follow-up. Further, both my kids got their teeth cleaned there, the doctor patiently handled their tantrums and instructed them about how to clean and take care of their teeth. Finally, I have to thank the doctors at Smile Kraft for doing a superb job of my dad's dentures - given his aging and fragile state, this task would have been impossible without the patience, flexibility and extraordinary care they extended to him!

Best Wishes!
2089 Boxwood Way.
Fremont, California - 94539

Never received this kind of treatment before, so professional and kind. The results were awesome and my teeth look like brand new and no pain during the procedure. Thank you doctors, keep up the good work!!!!
Renier Gonzalez
Pasaje Madrid #3821, SMP,
C. Habana, Cubai

This treatment helped me a lot instantly and I'm very happy...Dr. Dipti has done a great job and I would like to thank her for giving me an awesome smile :) Thank U.
Gorak Aishwarya -
Winner of Lux Dreamgirl Contest 2011

I am very happy with the treatment and for seeing Smilekraft Clinic. The doctors and staff are all very good and I thank all the doctors at this clinic.
Fida Mohammad
Engineer Kabul,

Thank you for the great attitude and service which you did during my treatment. It was my pleasure to meet all of you in India. All the best!
Guzal Halmatova
Satar Obidov St.,
Andijan, Uzbekistan.

I just want to thank you and your staff for your professionalism and graciousness. Thank you for being so thorough and making my dental implants as pleasant as possible. So far my teeth look amazing without any trace of discomfort. Thanks to your excellent work, expertise and positive attitude< I will always be recommending you to my fellow Londoners. Kind Regards!
Winston Tixiera
Lampton Avenue, Houslow,
London, Middlesex,
United Kingdom.

I am very happy with the treatment and am feeling much better. There is no pain in my teeth now. Thank you for your hospitality.
Jean-Willy Lukibanza
392/83/71, Av. Luebo,