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Case #1
Premolar tooth restored with metal free cap (all ceramic crown)
  Case #2
Badly broken down teeth restored with All ceramic crowns and bridges.
Case #3
Full mouth rehabilitation done for severely worn out teeth with PFM crowns.
  Case #4
Smile makeover done with All-ceramic crowns, bridges and laminates for crooked, misaligned teeth.
Case #5
Single malaligned front tooth corrected with a metal free ceramic crown.
  Case #6
Decayed and discoloured front teeth corrected with tooth coloured fillings (nano-composite restorations)
Case #7
Smile makeover: Discoloured upper front tooth corrected with All-ceramic veneer (laminate).
  Case #8
Smile designing: Diastema (gaps between teeth) closure using direct veneers and bonding.
Case #9
Dark pigmented gums corrected with surgical gingival depigmentation procedure.
  Case #10
Smile makeover done for the upper front teeth.
Case #11
Spacing between teeth corrected with composite bonding
  Case #12
Stained discoloured teeth treated with power bleaching (tooth whitening procedure).
Case #13
Decayed and badly broken down tooth reconstructed with fiber post and core and then restored with metal free ceramic crown.
  Case #14
Tooth whitening: Single appointment in-office bleaching of yellowish teeth.
Case #15
Decayed upper front teeth with discoloured unsightly old fillings corrected with bonding
  Case #16
Badly decayed teeth with cavity restored using tooth coloured fillings.
Case #17
Crooked, discoloured upper front teeth with old unsightly fillings corrected with All-ceramic crown and veneer.
  Case #18
Fractured teeth restored with ceramic veneers and bonding.
Case #19
Peg shaped lateral incisor tooth corrected using direct composite veneer.
  Case #20
Smile makeover: Severe erosion of teeth treated with RCTs and crowns.
Case #21
Smile designing: Metal ceramic crowns in the upper front teeth replaced with more aesthetic all-ceramic crowns.
  Case #22
Smile makeover with metal free crowns.
Case #23
Metal ceramic crowns in the upper front teeth replaced with all-ceramic crowns (zirconia coping)