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Treatment policy
No hidden charge
    • Our clinic does not charge any extra hidden service, sterilization, facilities, consultation or credit card surcharges. At our clinics, it is our policy, duty        and responsibility to ensure that all our dental instruments and equipments are sterilized according to high standards, and abiding to international        protocols. X-rays and medication fees are not inclusive in treatment fees and charged separately.
No double price standard for overseas cases
    • Our clinics have a strict policy that we do not discriminate prices between our local and overseas patients.
Payment Policy
Charge in Indian Rupees only.
    • All payments will be collected in Indian Rupees only
    • Any other currency will be subjected to exchange rate as per clinic policy on individual day.
Prices are subjected to periodic changes. Kindly reconfirm the charges prior to initiation of procedure.
Prices are valid for 3 months from the date the treatment schedule was sent.
Payment Schedule
For orthodontic treatment, the patients are required to pay 40% of the entire treatment amount upfront. The remaining amount is divided in equal installments depending on the duration of the treatment.
For two-stage implant treatment, the patients are required to pay 50% of the entire treatment amount upfront. The remaining 50% is to be paid prior to initiation of the second-stage.
For single-stage implants and immediate implants, the entire treatment amount needs to be paid upfront.
For dentures, the payment needs to be completed by the appointment for the wax trial.
For all other treatment procedures, the payment needs to be completed prior to initiation of the procedure.
There is an option for paying treatment charges by EMI (easy monthly installment) at no extra cost. Such payment is accepted in the form of 50% payment upfront and the remaining to be divided in 3 post-dated cheques after the patient signs a written undertaking regarding the same.
Tips for Credit Card Payment
For overseas credit card, please inform your credit card company about the estimated amount and the fact that those transactions will be processed in India prior to travel. Many credit card companies (especially US, Europe and Australia cards) do require activation for prevention of security fraud.
We accept all major credit cards.
Dental Plans
Dental plans are an effective means of ensuring continuing dental care for our patients with emphasis on preventive aspects of care. This system also helps to subsidize more expensive treatment procedures, should they be required. Our patients who have opted for dental plans are given priority appointments and discounts in both emergency and elective treatment procedures. The three catgories of plans available with us are:
Individual Plans: These plans are designed to cater to individual needs. The services provided include free consultations and oral prophylaxis. Diagnostic procedures such as radiographs and model analysis are heavily discounted. All emergency treatment procedures will be provided with a convenient EMI option.  Elective procedures and cosmetic treatment procedures are scheduled on a priority basis and the treatment charges are suitably subsidized.
Family plans: These plans are designed to cover the subscriber’s spouse and dependants. A comprehensive consultation for all covered family members is arranged. Essential treatment procedures like sealant application for pediatric patients and prosthetic rehabilitation for geriatric patients are provided at specially discounted rates.
Group Plans: These plans are meant for employees of a company, members of an organization, students of an institution or other such groups of people. A minimum strength of 15 members is required to avail of the Group Plan. Group Plans are available for both screening/diagnostic services as well as more holistic coverage encompassing therapeutic alternatives.
For any information regarding these plans, kindly email us at info@smilekraft.in